Pet Resort Attendant

Kellie grew up in Menomonee Falls and is currently attending Marquette University. Kellie knew she wanted to work with animals when one day at her friend's lake house she went for a walk and stopped by a neighbor's house to pet their dogs. The owner specifically told them that one of the dogs didn't like new people and that they should not try to even pet him. While Kellie was petting the more friendly dog, the shy one came up to her and put his paw on her leg asking to be pet.

Kellie's parents (Kim and Jim) have influenced her love of animals by supporting her passions. Her parents have always encouraged her to be the best person she can be and let her know that they will always support her and her decisions in whatever she chooses to do with her life. Her mom is a huge animal lover that has worked for many rescues as well as done some dog training. Kellie feels that all animals deserve the very best of care and she likes to be able to advocate for them. Animals have so much love to offer and enrich the lives of humans every day by bringing joy to them with their very presence.

Kellie has the pleasure of sharing her life with all animals she has rescued; two dogs (Gambit and Adele), eight birds (Wilbur, Kirby, Bubbles, Packer, Monty, Pippy, Quasi, and Kirby II), and two guinea pigs (Dale and Dexter).

In her downtime, Kellie enjoys horseback riding. She has been riding since the 7th grade and was on the equestrian team in Florida and is currently on the equestrian team at Marquette! The love of these horses reiterates that Kellie loves all species of animals and wants to help them all.