Resort Attendant

From an early age, Dylan learned to appreciate the value of hard work. As a little boy, he had a desire to learn how to ride horseback however, being raised by a single mother and knowing his mother would love to provide this but couldn’t, Dylan began working at the horse barn in exchange for riding lessons. It’s at this farm that he fell in love with animals after helping save a litter of abandoned coyote pups.

Dylan began his post-high school education by majoring in Mechanical Engineering at MSOE. Soon after starting, he realized his passion for chemistry and animals was leading him to the veterinary field. He transferred to a Science/Pre-Vet program and currently works as a Pet Resort Attendant at Brook-Falls Luxury Pet Resort.

Dylan has two dogs of his own. Jessi, an Amstaff, is completely deaf and has been trained in sign language. Barrette, his Border-Collie mix, loves the beach and becomes a fanatic runner the second his paws touch the sand. Dylan plays three instruments: the euphonium, guitar, and trombone, and is a talented artist.