Client Service Representative

As a child, Claire's parents included their children in the care of their pet's lives as much as possible. They were included in feeding, bushing, walking, and even going along for their veterinary visits. It was at one of those veterinary visits where Claire heard them say "pets are people too". At that moment, Claire knew she wanted to be an advocate for animals and their care; being a voice for the voiceless.

Claire admits she has a zoo at her house. She has 2 cats (Lucky & Muffin) whom she admits are her best friends. Lucky loves to sunbathe and eat while Muffin loves to cuddle and look out the window. She also has a dozen geckos (unnamed) and 2 ball pythons named Danger Noodle and Pearl.

Claire would like to thank her parents for encouraging her to follow her passion for animals, her cats for being the cute, sweet little beans that they are, and her loving significant other Travis. With the love and support from these family members Claire gets to do what she loves and that is being a voice for the voiceless.

When Claire is not in the office, she enjoys gardening and painting.